Mahendra Baid

Mahendra expertises in evangelizing, designing, prototyping, selling products and services in Internet and mobile domain.

He is very high at emotional intelligence which makes him a very good team member. EQ is also proving to be helpful in leadership roles for him.

Pritam Kumar

Pritam is an entrepreneur by birth and believer of 'Givers Gain' concept.

His focus for life is Education & Healthcare for children across societies. He is not meant for a 9-5 job. He is in technology world to build innovative products, to leverage technology to improve things around. He sleeps only when he has learnt something new!


Srinivas, the Andriod man of the team! Professionally, he wants to be one of the best developers on Android platform in World.

His hobbies are blogging & tracking trends in technology. He has got a simple dream to live a life which commands respect from all.

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