Customer Concept

Who donít believe in dealing with a trusted merchant, vendor or brands? We always ask for referral from friends and relatives. However, many times it is not convenient or enough to just get the name or number of the business. We need to reach to the right person to get due attention, discount and more. Now, giving or getting referral is much easier. A referral app for you.

Some of the benefits of our platform:

  • Connect your friend to known merchant through this app
  • Recommend products which you have experienced to your network
  • Get rewarded!

How to use it

  • Download the app from Android App Market or iOS app market
  • Search for your favourite merchant
  • Start referring or recommending

Connect: When a friend has post a need, you connect him to a merchant or brands. As and when the friend accepts your referral, the merchant can contact him and take it forward.

Recommend: Here you recommend a product which you like, irrespective of friend has posted a need or not. If friend accepts your recommendation, merchant is alerted to contact him and take it forward.

How it works

Refer247 is a marketplace for businesses, their existing customers and potential customers.

  1. Sign up
  2. Customer search for their favourite brand or merchant and add it to their list
  3. As and when customer finds a appropriate need, customer connect the friend to his known merchant
  4. Merchant contacts and convert the potential customer to a customer
  5. Merchants reward the existing customer for this referral

Mobile app
Download Android Refer App